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Nov 19, 2013

Paper, Pencil and Bears, Oh My! Threshold Recording Studios collaborates with the best of the NYC Tech scene!

Sometimes, the most fun we have in the studio is working with people from outside the music business. We've recently worked with two very exciting tech startups, FiftyThree and Hullabulu, lending our sound and music production expertise to help bring their apps and unique content to life. Working directly with creators from different disciplines is an inspiring, exciting process.

First up is our recent collaboration with FiftyThree, creators of Paper (named as  2012's App of the Year by Apple). This week sees the launch of their first hardware product, Pencil. Wired is already calling Pencil the "best iPad stylus yet." Working with the tech and creative team at FiftyThree, composer Patrick Cannell, and Threshold Recording Studios NYC mainstay instrumentalists and producers, we helped create a beautiful soundtrack for Pencil's official trailer. Transforming the soundtrack transformed the spot. Though they'd seen the video dozens of times, the new and improved soundtrack instantly changed the spot's impact. One of the video's creators wrote, "Everyone here at FiftyThree is getting goosebumps looking and listening over my shoulder. We're so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such talented and kind collaborators."

Next is Hullabalu, founded by Suzanne Xie (recently nominated in Forbes 30 Entrepreneurs under 30). Hullabalu is creating a series of interactive story books exclusively for iOS. The first chapter Pan: The Fearless Beribolt shot straight to #1 on the iTunes app store book charts. Hundreds of sound clips and voices were recorded and processed at Threshold and delivered to Hullabalu's engineers to insert directly into the app.  We just wrapped up on Chapter two: Chasing the Keeper which was equally as fun and exciting.

UPDATE Nov 20, 2013: Chapter Two has hit #1 iPad books in 14 countries!

These tech entrepreneurs understand what we've known our whole lives - that music and sound aren't just there to enhance the visual, they are a vital part of the whole experience. Whether its programming, graphics, or sound and music - quality matters. We are glad to have been a part of these phenomenal successes. 

Congrats to Hullabalu and FiftyThree on their game changing tools and media. We look forward to many more fruitful collaborations.

To vote for Suzanne Xie, founder of Hullabalu, for Forbes 30 under 30, just tweet " founder of "


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