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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dana Lowrey - 'Fearless' Song and Video Production at Threshold Recording Studios NYC

A great example of our Artist Development services:  From the songwriting stage to a music video production and beyond! Singer, Songwriter Dana Lowrey.  

This is 17 year old Dana Lowrey's  song "Fearless"co-written and produced at Threshold. Dana is a very talented young singer/songwriter from Australia who came to work with us in New York in 2013. We've spent quite a bit of time writing and producing music with Dana and continue in 2014 as artist development consultants. The buzz is very promising!   With our efforts he has already placed as a Semi-Finalist in the ISC and has had multiple requests for licensing.  Much more to come!

This video was shot at Threshold Recording Studios NYC and is the first single from her forthcoming release. A beautiful song, beautifully sung. Check back with us or head over to Dana's website for news and to be notified when she releases more music.   


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