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Mar 12, 2017

Threshold Recording Studios NYC: Something Rotten! Cyndi Lauper & Jim Gaffigan- oh my!

Threshold Recording Studios NYC Control Room
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Threshold Recording Studios NYC is a premier state of the art music recording studio staffed with award winning music producers & engineers located in Manhattan's unparalleled neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen. Threshold has been providing its legendary full service production, recording, mixing, mastering, Broadcast quality voiceover, podcasting, & filming location services since 1997.

We had a blast during these recent recording sessions at Threshold Recording Studios NYC. Wishing continued success & a rocking 2017 to Rob McClure & the whole cast of Something Rotten The Musical as they take this show on the road. #Rentaissancejams #thresholdstudiosnyc #SomethingRotten.
Yes, Cyndi Lauper is as awesome as you think she would be & Jim Gaffigan might actually be even funnier...

Cyndi Lauper James Walsh Threshold Recording Studios NYC
Cyndi Lauper @ Threshold Studios
Jim Gaffigan James Walsh Threshold Recording Studios NYC
James Walsh & Jim Gaffigan

Oct 27, 2016

Producing a song with Duran Duran @ Threshold Recording Studios NYC

Threshold Recording Studios NYC Control Room

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Threshold Studios owner & Executive Producer James Walsh recently had the pleasure of producing a song in our studio with John Taylor and Roger Taylor of Duran Duran for the non-profit Road Recovery / Threshold Studios Community Fund in-house teen music peer support programs. 
After spending time with these fine men and musicians it is no mystery to any of us why Duran Duran is one of most successful bands in the world! 
Great guys- uuuuuUUUUuuuuber talented musicians! Here's a quick clip of John pushing the beat with Roger in the live room.  

Threshold Recording Studios NYC is a premier state of the art music recording studio staffed with award winning music producers & engineers located in Manhattan's unparalleled neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen. Threshold has been providing its legendary full service production, recording, mixing, mastering, BROADCAST QUALITY VOICE OVER & PODCASTING and filming location services since 1997.
Threshold specializes in producing original, radio ready songs with developing musicians & established artists of ALL AGES. 
Threshold is the perfect fit for Singers, Songwriters & Bands, Networks, Labels & Brands. 
Hourly, Daily, and "all in" Per Song rates & full production packages available.

Call Us! 212-244-1871- and let's create the perfect production together.

Jun 9, 2016

It's Tony Time! @Threshold Recording Studios NYC

Something Rotten! & Kinky Boots.
Always an honor to continue to be the voiceover recording studio & video filming location of choice for the biggest and best shows on Broadway!

Check out the numbers on the views for these promos done at Threshold Studios this Tony Award season!

Call Us! 212.244.1871- and let's create the perfect production together!

May 11, 2016

Smokey Robinson at Threshold Recording Studios NYC

Yes, we totally got to spend some time with the legendary Smokey Robinson @ Threshold Recording Studios NYC!  Smokey dropped in to share his experiences with Road Recovery, the teen peer support program we mentor and support here in our studio twice a week.  This man is very special- and it was an honor to be able to share a moment of our journey with him. His stories of life lived, loved, lost, and found had a profound impact on everyone in the room.  Rock on Smokey:)


Mar 5, 2016

Great Artists, Great Music!

Threshold Recording Studios NYC Control Room

The last few months have been spectacular at Threshold Recording Studios NYC, with plenty of new developing artists, bands, audio, video and voice over projects gracing our legendary studios. Take a listen to our jukebox and you can hear the results!

If you are a solo artist, band, or company looking for more of a private, high end studio experience you should give us a call. We have experienced & celebrated music producers and audio engineers on staff ready to work with you.

Threshold is also the perfect place for creative young musicians to explore their talents with the guidance of experienced music industry professionals. We have year-round music, song, and sound development programs and custom packages that are designed to be educational, experiential, fun and productive - and of course you will have "radio ready" productions to show for all of your efforts.

Thousands of bands, musicians & organizations have chosen Threshold to be their creative partner over the last 20 years.

And don't forget- Threshold is still one of the best options for freelance audio engineers & music producers looking for a top of the line, affordable, & respected studio in NYC to bring out the best in their projects and sounds.  We also have an excellent playing and sounding Baldwin 7' acoustic grand piano.

threshold recording studio snyc artist picture

Will our next great success be you?

Recording a harp is something every artist, audio engineer & music producer should do at least once- if not as often as possible! Here's some new live music from Addi and Jacq!

Feb 25, 2016

BIANCA releases a new song!

Are you ready to experience what it's like to work hands on with celebrated music producers in a legendary recording studio?

We love this song and this artist! Listen on our Jukebox and enjoy:)

Floating, always floating through time.
Going through the motions, never asking why.
You just want to know what it feels like, feels like, talking to the stars and you're asking them how
You just want to know what it feels like, feels like to be alive.

You got caught up with the kings and queens, little dreams that they're always selling you.
You gave up, but when he touched your skin you burst again like you always wanted to.
All that was just a pretty fantasy you thought would never come true
Was shining through

You just wanna know what it feels like, feels like
Look into his eyes and he says don't fight it now.
Smile on your face and you can't contain it indelible escape you hope we'll make it out

Feb 23, 2016

Threshold Studios Music & Peer Support Programs in the news

Here's a nice article about a Music & Peer Support program for teens we host at Threshold Recording Studios NYC with Road Recovery.  Harnessing the power of music to bring out the best in everyone!

Join us. Create.

Threshold Recording Studios NYC: Perfect for Singers, Songwriters & Bands of all ages.

Threshold Recording Studios NYC Live Room Grand Piano

Check out our recent collaborations and productions our jukebox. All recorded, produced & mixed by our talented staff right here in our legendary studio.

Our neighborhood is known as Hell's Kitchen or Clinton, NYC.  Threshold Studios is merely blocks away from everything in Midtown including Time Square, Broadway,  the Jacob Javits Center, Tribecca, Chelsea, Hudson yards and the Highline. We are 2 blocks from the Port Authority train hub you are literally 10 minutes from any location in the city.

Threshold Recording Studios NYC is a sponsor for the New Music Seminar, an organization and community that is helping to prepare music professionals for the industry's emerging direction. As part of our sponsorship, Threshold is offering a weekend recording package for one artist from NMS's "Artists On The Verge" series. The 2014 AOV winner was the uber talented VanLadyLove- who had this to say about their time with us:

"We had such a fun time in Threshold Studios last summer. It was such a great experience to be recording in a NYC studio that so many great artists have been in. The walls have such memories and magic. It truly brought out the magic in the music. To be recording in such a professional studio with such producers and engineers is an experience that we will never forget, and we will always be able to remember the memories we made there. Thanks so much for everything! "

Threshold specializes in high quality, professional productions for independent artists. This package will let such an artist experience firsthand what its like spending multiple days crafting a perfect song production in a professional, comfortable, and creative environment.

Our recording studio is YOUR TOOL to be creative and efficient.   Our experienced and celebrated staff of music producers and recording engineers look forward to working with you to put together the perfect production and bring out your best.  Here is an example of a songwriters project we produced from the writing stage straight through the final video.  Enjoy.

Sep 9, 2015

Will Calhoun and Doug Wimbish @ Threshold Recording Studios NYC

Threshold Recording Studios NYC: Music Producers and Recording Engineers on Staff

We had a lot of fun this summer on an independent recording project with Will Calhoun and Doug Wimbish of the band Living Colour in our main room at Threshold Studios.  Great guys and insane talent.  Remember Cult of Personality?

Many of our productions start with a simple stripped down piano (or) guitar and vocal demo brought to us by an aspiring artist (or) developed with our uber talented house producers.

We then work with you, side by side, over time, to produce and build out the perfect production like you hear in our jukebox.   Our process is as nurturing as it is creative and productive- and our results speak for themselves. 

We have a lot of great musicians in our network to compliment your sound and style.  20+ years and going strong!