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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Threshold Recording Studios Holiday Gift Packages

This season Threshold Studios will once again offer custom tailored Recording Studio Experience Gift Packages for musicians and singer/ songwriters of all ages!  From "Karoke" vocal recordings to complete Custom Song Production Packages with our award winning music producers and staff, we have years of experience putting together exciting gift opportunities for the up and coming musician in your life. Its always a lot of fun and educational- and everyone has a great time. There are dozens of positive reviews online for our services.

Take a peek at the Threshold Recording Studios Gift page and then call 212.244.1871 and ask for Executive Producer / Owner James Walsh who will personally guide you to the perfect gift package! We only do this once a year- so call us now!

Threshold Recording Studios NYC. Experienced Music Producers, Premier Studios and Award Winning Staff.  Perfect for Singers, Songwriters and Bands of ALL ages.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Local Artist BIANCA with a Beautiful Song to Share!

We love this song and this artist! Listen on our Jukebox and enjoy:)

Floating, always floating through time.
Going through the motions, never asking why.
You just want to know what it feels like, feels like, talking to the stars and you're asking them how
You just want to know what it feels like, feels like to be alive.

You got caught up with the kings and queens, little dreams that they're always selling you.
You gave up, but when he touched your skin you burst again like you always wanted to.
All that was just a pretty fantasy you thought would never come true
Was shining through

You just wanna know what it feels like, feels like
Look into his eyes and he says don't fight it now.
Smile on your face and you can't contain it indelible escape you hope we'll make it out.

Bianca Sofia Martone (born November 6,1996) Born in NYC to an Italian/Irish descent father and a Cuban descent mother, she is the youngest of three daughters. At a young age her family relocated to the small town of Cheshire, CT. As a child Bianca showed a keen interest in singing and performing with her older sisters. She began writing music in her early teens and went on to attend The Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven, CT part time during her high school career. Upon graduating she decided to forgo school for sometime to focus on her music and now works with the team at Threshold Studios to craft these beautiful songs.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Join us. Create. 2015 NMS AOV Sponsor!

Threshold Recording Studios NYC: Perfect for Singers, Songwriters & Bands of all ages.

Check out our recent collaborations and productions in the jukebox to the right.  All recorded, produced and mixed by our talented staff right here in the heart of Manhattan's West Side. 

Threshold Recording Studios NYC is a sponsor for the New Music Seminar, an organization and community that is helping to prepare music professionals for the industry's emerging direction. As part of our sponsorship, Threshold is offering a weekend recording package for one artist from NMS's "Artists On The Verge" series. The 2014 AOV winner was the uber talented VanLadyLove- who had this to say about their time with us:

"We had such a fun time in Threshold Studios last summer.  It was such a great experience to be recording in a NYC studio that so many great artists have been in.  The walls have such memories and magic.  It truly brought out the magic in the music.  To be recording in such a professional studio with such producers and engineers is an experience that we will never forget, and we will always be able to remember the memories we made there.  Thanks so much for everything! "

Threshold specializes in high quality, professional productions for independent artists. This package will let such an artist experience firsthand what its like spending multiple days crafting a perfect song production in a professional, comfortable, and creative environment.

Our top notch recording studio is YOUR TOOL to be creative and efficient.   Our experienced and award winning staff of music producers look forward to working with you to put together the perfect production and bring out your best.  Here is an example of a songwriters project we produced from the writing stage straight through the final video.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Will Calhoun and Doug Wimbish @ Threshold Recording Studios NYC

Threshold Recording Studios NYC: Music Producers and Recording Engineers on Staff

We had a lot of fun this August on a recording project with Will Calhoun and Doug Wimbish in our main room at Threshold Studios.  Great guys and insane talent.  Doug and Will were / are in a great band called Living Colour together (remember Cult of Personality?) and continue to do many great projects.

Many of our artist productions start with a simple stripped down piano (or) guitar and vocal demo brought to us by an aspiring artist (or) developed with our uber talented house producer Mike Wuerth.   We then work with them, side by side, over time, to produce and build out the perfect full instrumental production like you hear in our jukebox.   Our process is as nurturing as it is creative and productive- and our results speak for themselves. 

We have a lot of great musicians in our network to compliment your sound and style.  20+ years and going strong!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Threshold Studios music & video production artist showcase Dana Lowrey - Walkaway

While in New York City last summer, Australian born singer-songwriter-pop artist Dana Lowrey jumped in with music producers Jeremy Sklarsky and Mike Wuerth to craft this beautiful track. We worked with Dana (Donna for all us non- Aussies:) from the songwriting and demo stage through the full production, final mixing and mastering of several of her songs, including this special treat.

Studio owner and Executive Producer James Walsh then went to work with our video production team to create and shoot the elements of this video both in our studio and on location. We had a blast shooting scenes on the rides at the Coney Island boardwalk and in the surf and sand of this historic Brooklyn location. Special thanks to Tim O'brien and Jason Yamas!  Way to go Kevin O'Toole and Buckhouse Ventures.

Threshold Recording Studios NYC: Artist Development, Music Producers and Video Production.
Go Team!

Enjoy and feel free to share!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Having a "SMOOTH" week at Threshold Recording Studios NYC- Grammy superstar Rob Thomas in the house

Threshold Studios is the perfect place for established recording artists and up and coming musicians of all ages.  When will you come in and sign the wall?  We are right here on Manhattan's west side! Rob is a great guy and one helluva singer, btw..